Watch Last Night's Men's X Games SuperPipe Highlights

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2016 X Games Men’s SuperPipe Podium (left to right): 2nd place, Gus Kenworthy; 1st place, Kevin Rolland; third place, Benoit Valentin. Photo: Ilanna Barkusky

Men’s SuperPipe finals took place under the lights at Aspen Snowmass last night. The highlights were many, including Byron Well‘s cleverly lackadaisical drop in, Alex Ferreira‘s consistency and Gus Kenworthy‘s alley-oop flatspin 900 that took him above the 20 foot mark. 

In a storybook finish, Kevin Rolland was last to drop. Failing to put it down in either his first or second run, Rolland needed higher than an 87.00 to make the podium and higher than a 92.33 to best Gus Kenworthy’s and clinch the top spot. He did just that. Both had five hits, four doubles. Rolland had a rightside double and an overall higher average height. Kenworthy had a larger highest hit—the aforementioned alley-oop double. 

Much hype was placed on last night’s contest, it being the first X Games since Kenworthy came out in October 2015. Despite his illustrious career, an X Games medal of any precious metal had escaped Kenworthy until last night’s event, and gold would have made for a perfect story. 

But perfect story be damned, that was one helluva pipe contest. 

Watch the top three runs below for yourself and play armchair judge, why don’t you. 

Kevin Rolland’s gold medal winning run. 

Gus Kenworthy’s silver medal winning run.

Benoit Valentin’s bronze medal winning run.

Men’s SuperPipe Finals Full Results

1. Kevin Rolland 93.33
2. Gus Kenworthy 92.33
3. Benoit Valentin 90.66
4. Alex Ferreira 87.00
5. Torin Yater-Wallace 86.33
6. Lyman Currier 86.00
7. Byron Wells 85.33
8. David Wise 75.00
9.Kyle Smaine 71.66
10. Aaron Blunck 60.00
11. Mike Riddle 28.33
12. Taylor Seaton 28.00

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