The morning bites at your nostrils, raking them with the season’s first hint of frost. You can see your breath, and the sandal tan on your feet has begun to fade—though you still refuse to put shoes on. Little by little, you add layers as you leave the house, succumbing to Earth’s slow trajectory around the sun. Arriving at work in dull light, you settle in for the day, turn to your co-worker, and finally ask, “So, what skis are you getting this year?”

While it’s human nature to lament the passing of every beloved season, there is an inevitable tipping point where excitement builds for the next. For a skier, this starts with gear talk. Summer’s barely left the scene when we first begin daydreaming of the sensations we’d just about forgotten we live for: an effective-edge that cuts into corduroy with explosive rebounding energy; a base thoughtfully shaped to make any powder feel like surfing Hawaii’s North Shore; a touring binding that’s finally just as good on the way down as the way up; boots that feel like slippers but drive like Cadillacs.

These are just a few of the feelings that keep us coming back each season, amplified by products that are ever innovated to further tap our senses. Nearly every ski has some form of rocker now, and there’s no longer a compromise between freeride and touring—ours is a world where all things are possible. So, like always, Forecast has rounded up the skis, boots and bindings with the potential to make this season that much better for you. Here’s to the celestial cascade of winter, and howling at the moon— skier style.

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