As the closing days of September wore on, and the frost began to nip at morning toes, the mountain called to all its creatures. There they gathered at her foot, all manner of furry and feathered friends sat together to take in the mountain’s mighty message. “Welcome, my children,” she said, as raven poured a cup of tea for rabbit, and caribou shared a slice of pie with coyote. “The snows will soon be upon us, and we must make sure we are prepared. You, my darlings, all get to bask in the gifts I bring. But each of you also brings your own gifts. Upon my back and shoulders you will dance this winter, all in your own particular ways.” The mountain paused as squirrel snuck into goat’s beard and hung upside down, with a giggle. The mountain giggled too, and said, “Like squirrel, each of you is given to your own kind of play. And play you shall. For I have different terrain and snow for every single one of you, and if you listen carefully, I’ll tell you where you all will be happiest this winter.” The woodland creatures, each representing the best skis, boots, bindings, jackets, snowpants and accessories of 2020, all smiled, dreaming of the joy to come. I mean, what did you think this story was about?

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