You'll Flock out over the New GGW Movie

GGW used a surefire recipe to whip up their movie: a little Simon D'Artois, a little Yuki Tsubota, a dash of Tanner Gordon, Taylor Wilson, Lucas Vianna and a heaping of Brenden Reid. The result? One damn fine movie—but maybe don't hit play while you're at work or school. 

From NPFilm on Vimeo: 

This was one hell of a winter.. Since February we stacked up shots like the geese shit at your local soccer field and now you get to enjoy the best of it. Many of you are wondering what all the geese stuff means. The geese has a few meanings starting with representing us as Canadians and we out here to fly. You are also all geese and is a word we have used to talk about the general public.

Cinematography and editing by Nevin Falloon. Additional filming and editing by Michael Granger. Additional filming by Liam Upton, Sammy Knapton, and HWWP. Huge thanks to the Granger Family, The Whistler Blackcomb park crew, and beer. This lifestyle documentary was inspired by Guatemalan Persuader, 2008-2011era, Illegal Civilization, and your bitch. I'LL SEE YA GEESE IN HELL :)

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