In From Source—is a poetic and mystic freeride skiing journey imagined by Yann Rausis—a skier wanders alone by a glacier on a bright full-moon night and steps into the abyss of a glacier cave. His longing for spiritual liberation guided him there, as far as possible from everything he knows. Diving in the depths of the unknown, he experiences a mystical connection with his higher self through freeride skiing visions. The next day feels like seeing the world with different eyes as he comes back to civilization with a fresh and rejuvenated spirit, dreaming about dancing freely on the spring mountain playground.

Skiing by: Yann Rausis
Edited by: Yann Rausis
Additional Skiing by: Ambroise Baillifard
Production: Nicolas Falquet, Jacques Vouilloz (Adele Films), Guido Perrini (Timeline Missions), Julien Christ & Léonard Berner (5 Elements Prod), Scott Goedkoop (Scott Visuals), Craig Patterson (JustBe Films), Stéphane Guiné (FPV pilot)
Locations: Verbier, Arolla, Zinal, Saas Fee, Val Ferret, Champex
Music: SLIFT - Altitude Lake / Françoise Claret - Sans Peurs et Sans Remords / The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Too Crazy to Care

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