Summer camp is still in full swing south of the border on the slopes of Mount Hood, where Windells is living up to its moniker as "The Funnest Place on Earth". Don't believe us? Then watch some of the sport's most formidable freeskiers showcase why in this Session 2 edit.

Skiers: Andre Hamm, Jack Finn, Cal Carson, John Ware, Charlie Lasser, Collin Collins, Jack Borland, Peyben, Andrea Zvonar, Mike Carmazzi, Bobby Brown, Karl Fostvedt, Miguel Porteous, Ethan Swadburg, Tucker Addison, Topher Newett, Levi Ascher, Jonah Elston, Nick Morales, Magnus Graner, Paul Marik, Dale Talkington, & Tom Wallisch

Alex Havey & Gavin Rudy

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