Following two months worth of top notch edits from the summer camps on both sides of the border, it’s time for the last hurrah, courtesy of Windells, aka “The Funnest Place on Earth”, who recently wrapped up their fifth and final session on the slopes of Mount Hood. Enjoy, and see you next year summer camp.

Skiing by: Keegan Kilbride, Derek Simpson, Corey Jackson, Ethan Swadburg, Jamie Baril, Reece Rule, Andreya Zvonar, Abner Wyman, Topher Newett, Mike Cappola, Sam Zahner, Ian King, Hunter Hess, Oscar Weary & Jonah Williams

Filmed by: Alex Havey & Owen Dahlberg
Edit: Alex Havey
Animation: Alex Havey
Photo: Christian Raguse

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