In addition to the good times going down at Momentum in Whistler, summer camp is officially in full swing south of the border at Windells, aka "The Funnest Place on Earth". Session 1 just wrapped up on the slopes of mighty Mount Hood, Oregon, so drop in on this video recap, and stay tuned for a ton more.

Skiing by: Siver Voll, Otto, Alex Hall, Chase Mohrman, Jens Nilsson, Jennie Lee Burmansson, Taylor Lundquist, Alex Hackel, Lucas Stal Madison, Jake Doan, Pete Koukev, Ian King, Hunter Hess, Pete Christensen, Magnus Graner, Jack Finn, Sami Ortlieb, Eirik Moberg, Jake Mageau, & Forster Meeks

Film: Alex Havey & Owen Dahlberg

Edit: Alex Havey

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