This year, for their latest multi-part web series, Whistler Blackcomb is bringing you the stuff of local lore. Stories so unbelievable, so heartwarming, so inspiring, and so peculiar that they take on lives of their own and become part of the very fabric of Whistler Blackcomb. Discover how this place has shaped the lives of five individuals and how they, in turn, have shaped this place.

Episode 1: We Choose Our Limits
This is a story of the quest for personal growth, the transformative experience of discovering new places, and the guides who lead us out of our comfort zones. Wendy Brookbank was just another racer looking to get skiing out of her system with a season in Whistler before starting real life. Instead of being the end, that season was the beginning of a lifelong career in the mountains, starting as one of the first female freeskiers in Warren Miller films and eventually becoming a mountain guide. Wendy blazed a trail for women in the mountains and continues to lead men and women to heights they would never have reached alone.

Episode 2: We Choose Our Dreams
Growing up at risk of homelessness, Dakota Williams sacrificed his childhood to support his sister and mother in the city. He felt trapped, until, at the age of 19, Dakota got the chance to live the years he'd lost and discover a new life in the mountains thanks to Zero Ceiling.

Episode 3: We Choose Our Element
This is the story of the lifecycle of one of Whistler’s original culture creators. Through the words of Mike Douglas, we hear what it’s like to transition from creating the scene as an athlete and innovator, to capturing the scene as a filmmaker and content creator, to sharing it as a community member. The video presses the question: what defines mountain culture? His words are paired with video that captures WSSF’s Pro Photographer Showdown and arts events from the perspective of the creators, athletes, and fans who make this community the vibrant epicenter of mountain life.

Episode 4: We Choose Our Playgrounds
This is the story of making the impossible easy. In the 70’s, Jess “Pika” Turner spent her childhood living at the top of Red Chair, where her dad John “Rabbit” Hare was responsible for starting the lift each morning; it was the only way. Generations later, technology has eliminated the mountain top position, but has opened up access to an environment that has remained unchanged—majestic and powerful. This video will feature Jess’ audio sharing the eternal connection she has made with the mountains, and how she now shares that with her own young family thanks to a connection made easier than ever.

Episode 5: We Choose Our Memories
This is the story of a truly unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience. Riding a snowmobile into the alpine for a fondue dinner seems too outrageous to be true. We will uncover how this unlikely outing was brought to life, and the inspiring memories it creates for staff and guests alike. Told from the perspective of the tour’s chef and snowcat driver, Kim Eijdenberg, the video will be told from the perspective of someone who lives WB at night, and will feature breathtaking images of the Crystal Hut during the day, the ride to the top in darkness, and the dining experience inside. 

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