Watch The Wild Session 3 Edit from Windells

Summer camp in Whistler may have come to a close, but the good times are still rolling south of the border at Mount Hood, where Windells (aka "The Funnest Place on Earth) has just unearthed (yeah, we said earth twice) their stellar Session 3 edit. Enjoy!

Skiing by Aiden Ulrich, Keegan Kilbride, Tim McChesney, Jake Doan, Paul Marik, Brady Perron, Cam Boll, Khai Krepela, Alex Hall, Joey Van Der Meer, Sawyer Selingham, Levi Ascher, Kevin Curran, Quinn Wolferman, Ethan Swadburg, and Reed Lewis.

Filming and Editing by Gavin Rudy, Nick Broms, and Cam Willis

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