Watch The Trailer For Whistler Blackcomb's "The Big Picture Documentaries"

Is our thirst for adventure threatening our environment?

What if kids stopped playing outside?
Is the pull of the backcountry pushing our limits?
What is the future of ski resorts?

These are questions that are very much worth asking, discussing, and looking for answers to, all of which Whistler Blackcomb's new four-part web series, "The Big Picture Documentaries" is aiming to do, as we all look ahead to the future of skiing and snowboarding over the next 50 years.

Check out the trailer above, stay tuned for the full series on September 27th, and share your voice at

Presented by: Whistler Blackcomb and TELUS
Produced by: Switchback Entertainment, Whistler Blackcomb, and Origin Design & Communications

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