Watch Jussi Grznar's Winning Slideshow from WSSF's Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown

Last week, the iconic Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown took place in Whistler, B.C. during the World Ski & Snowboard Festival (WSSF). Amidst a stacked line-up of some of the finest shutterbugs on the planet (including Gabe L’Heureux, Jonathan Mehring, Scott Rinckenberger and Krystle Wright... check out our recap here in case you missed it), the Whistler-based snowboard and adventure photographer Jussi Grznar cleaned house, winning the coveted Best of Show and the People's Choice Award. On the heels of his big night, Grznar has posted his winning slideshow online, meaning that anyone and everyone who loves photography and the outdoors can now gaze in awe at the fruits of his labour. Enjoy. 

From Jussi Grznar on Vimeo:

Here is my winning slideshow from 2016 Pro Photographer Showdown. Thank you judges for the overall title and all the people for "People's choice award"

For optimal viewing experience full screen on large display and higher volume are recommended.

Instagram: @jussi_grznar

1. Thomas Newman - Any other name
2. Thomas Newman - Bit borrowers
3. Bassnectar feat Mimi Page - Butterfly
4. Zack Hemsey - The Way

All photography by Jussi Grznar
Slideshow edit by Nate Laverty

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