Watch Episode 1 of Sammy Carlson's "Retrospect"

Unless you've been hiding in a bomb shelter since The Cold War, then you know that Sammy Carlson is without question one of the most accomplished and well-rounded skiers to ever grace the slopes. In celebration of his storied career, Rockstar has launched the first installment of a three-part web series, "Retrospect". Buckle up for a trip down memory lane in the premiere episode, and if you don't get nostalgic, then perhaps you belong underground.

From Rockstar on YouTube:

Sammy Carlson “Retrospect” is a three-part web series that is narrated by Sammy as he reflects back to his early years riding, to where his riding is taking him now. Footage was provided by Poor Boyz Productions and Teton Gravity Research.

In episode one of Sammy Carlson “Retrospect”, Sammy takes you to the beginning of his early years. From Sammy’s first video parts and what was the best part about skiing during that time.

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