Jump into the search for esthetic shapes to ride on Mont Blanc Massif,  sharing the unforgettable, high in the mountains, and far away from the crowd. "Waking Dream", featuring freeskier Sam Favret and Julien Herry will bring you in the heart of steep riding. Impressive, exposed, and technical: are we really here right now? Or is it just a dream? Watch to find the answer.

Produced by: Sam Favret
Directed by: Alex Blaise / Maxime Moulin
Principal Cinematography by: Alex Blaise / J.R Ceron / Hensli Sage
Storytelling by: Arthur Ghilini / Antoine Jaccoux
Narrated by: Michael "Bird" Shaffer
Original Soundtrack by: Tristan Bres

in association with Rossignol / Rip Curl / Julbo Eyewear

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