UBC Freeride Releases Their Intersection Entry, "To Follow"

Between studying for finals, playing beer pong and chasing tail (they are in university after all), a squad of 40 talented shred heads from UBC Freeride made their way to Whistler for the World Ski & Snowboard Festival, where they competed in the annual Intersection film contest. Since nothing beats straight up given 'er with your friends, this one is not to be missed.

From UBC Freeride on Vimeo:

When we were kids, our imagination took us places we'd never otherwise be able to go: to the places with soft snow and big flakes. We dreamed of riding down steep mountainsides and through mysterious snow-capped forests. We always wondered what this world would look like if we could bring along our closest friends. With help from 40 UBC Freeride athletes, the paths of inspiration are revealed to lie both ahead and behind us in time. Which ever way we look there is always someone to follow.

Filmed entirely in 7 days for the World Ski and Snowboard Festival’s Intersection competition, each film had to include 30 seconds of on-resort footage (at Whistler Blackcomb), 30 seconds of park footage, and be shot within 100 km of Whistler. To Follow is a product of this competition which has been re-edited for online release.

TIM SAYLOR: director, lead editor, colourist, writer, cinematographer
SETH GILLIS: director, production manager, casting manager, assistant editor, cinematographer
NATHAN STARZYNSKI: director, executive producer, cinematographer, assistant editor

UBC: Conor MacDonald, Camilla Loughlin, Carlene Loughlin, Zack Wilson, Stirling Bell, Brody McLaughlin, Rob Leigh, Kenny Leigh, Ella Both, Jacob Boyd, Liam Upton, Cobo Alvarez de Toledo, Jeremy Acland, Dylan Runner, Katie Cullen, Jen Goodale, David Schuman, Marte Lepperod, Dan Rohn, Ty Ulrich, Connor Browne, Jamie Browne, Cam Browne, Jack Edgar, Jamie Macklem, Essez Prescott, Garrett Knochenmus, Janek Nowicki, Byron Estey, Henry Eckert
YOUTH: Cole Constantini, Daniel Gannon, Dax Francis, Dylan Stebeleski, Kekoa Thomas, Kenta Tanaka

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