Twobees Media Release Jessy Desjardins Full Part From "Judgement Call"

The Twobees Media crew are proving to be the next ones to watch with their latest flick, Judgement Call, and Jessy Desjardins is proving to be one of the skiers to keep an eye. Peep his full segment here, and then we encourage you to go watch the full movie, which you can do free of charge because they're just a bunch nice dudes. 

Here's what Twobees Media has to say about Judgement Call on Vimeo

The idea came from the mystery of our intentions when practicing our beloved sport, urban skiing. Following in the same direction as our previous movie, Risky Business, Judgement Call shows how the mind of the athletes is always on the edge of lacking judgement, making it easy to cross the line. This winter was entirely dedicated to our lack of judgement in all aspects of life. It goes from relationships, health and education to our urban spots and vision.

All that said, we had an amazing winter with the best crew and the best vibes. This movie hopefully will show you how sometimes, lacking judgement can lead you to the great unexpected, and sometimes not so great.

Director: Laurent Bilodeau

Cast: Thomas Aubry, Samuel Beauchesne, Laurent Bilodeau, Eric Chenard, Nicholas Chenard, Vincent Chollet, Jessy Desjardins, Cedrik DP, Christophe Lacombe

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