In conjunction with Toyota Canada, we’re excited to release the first episode of our three-part, road trip-themed video series, True North BC, which showcases Anna Segal, Riley Leboe and Simon d’Artois adventuring in Northern British Columbia. First stop: Smithers, where the trio gets acquainted with their surroundings by exploring the mighty Hudson Bay Mountain and the Hankin-Evelyn Backcountry Recreation Area with Local Supply Co.

Skiing by: Anna Segal, Riley Leboe, Simon d’Artois
Executive Produced by: Ryan Stutt, Jamie Reekie
Produced by: Jeff Schmuck, Jeff Thomas
Directed & Edited by: Jeff Thomas
Cinematography by: Jeff Thomas, Ross Reid, Blair Richmond
Additional Cinematography by: Jan Schuster, Jordie Lepage, Justin Hare, Jeff Schmuck
Photography by: Bryan Ralph
Sound Design by: Clayton Larsen
Colour Grading by: Jeff Thomas
Graphic Design by: Tyler Quarles
Presented by: Toyota Canada
Special Thanks: Local Supply Co, Hankin-Evelyn Backcountry Recreation Area, Silver King Helicopters, Prestige Hudson Bay Lodge


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