Rising From My Roots, a new short film from Tristin Martin-Preneys, illustrates a story of a skier by the name of Trace Cooke. Based out of the small town of Nelson B.C., Trace fought hard on the competitive and dangerous Freeride World Tour to make a name for himself in the ski industry. In the winter of 2019-18, Trace decided to explore his imagination and express his love for skiing in a new way.

“Every time I snap into my skis I am in love with everything. The moment I push off and begin to glide the world stands still and I feel invincible. Each day, skiing gives me the chance to tap into my roots and be a kid again; free and present, always capable of finding a way around any obstacle or challenge.” —Trace Cooke

Directed & Produced by:
Trace Cooke
Tristin Martin-Preney

Filmed & Edited by:
Tristin Martin-Preney

Additional Footage:
Scott Gaffney / Matchstick Productions
Bohdan Doval
Ryan Flett
Kieran Nikula
Max Bonazzo
Kerr McEwen
Jacob Erickson
Sam Kuch
Sharon Cooke
Dan Cooke
Bill Heath
Freeride Wold Tour

Skiing by:
Trace Cooke
Sam Kuch
Tristin Martin-Preney
Sam Woodward
Ben Woodward
Alex Wall
Nigel Ziegler
Dilly Bob
Cail Smith
Levi Smith

Narrative by:
Trace Cooke
Tristin Martin-Preney
Cooper McGinnis

Audio by:
Kerr Mcewen

Artwork by:
Ansel Anderson
Haley Cooke

Music by:
“Cheer Up My Brother” - HNNY
“Inside Out” - Spoon
“Darling” - esbe
“Battas” - Mazde (featuring Lissa)
“Freaky Feedback Blues” - Benji Hughes

Supported by:
The North Face
Smith Optics
Backcountry Access
Village Ski Hut
Whitewater Ski Resort

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