Alaska—the dream destination for snow junkies and one of the driving forces in Todd Ligare’s lifestyle as a professional skier. His new edit, Prototype, is an immersive visual odyssey of steep Alaskan skiing.

“When I first started reviewing the shots used in this movie, I was really drawn to the immersive feeling the FPV footage provides. Initially my intention was to use more shots from the other angles we had, but once the editing started, I just felt like going all in with the FPV was the right thing to do. It’s a bit like the viewer is not just observing but is along for the ride. It was the first time I had ever been out with an FPV drone and it was also the first time the pilot, Kadison Pelletier, had ever shot skiing. Calling the film Prototype is a nod to the experimental nature of filming and editing this type of footage for the first time. Filming in Alaska can be a tricky proposition, with small windows where good snow and clear weather coincide. In this case Sammy Carlson and I capitalized on a golden moment, we arrived in Valdez on the tail end of a storm and were able to smash in a few sessions before a wind event came through and did a number on the snow quality. To score in Alaska, you must be present to win.” —Todd Ligare

Cinematography by: Kadison Pelletier & Brody Jones
Editing by: Jodie Stackhouse
Photos by: Dan Stewart
Special Thanks to: Black Ops Valdez

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