Today's Parks CANVAS Video Recap

Besides all the hard work and the incredible amount of snow for #TodaysCANVAS, there's the uncountable amount of fun that comes with springtime shredding with friends. The idea for the event was to provide a high-quality set up that included a solid jump and rail garden in Stoneham, Quebec to wrap up the season and showcase the knowledge of Today’s Parks.

Special thanks to The North Face for presenting this edition and giving the riders an opportunity to experience camping in The North Face's iconic dome tents, barbecuing (special thanks to Chef Frank April) and spending time with friends. Finally, thanks to Station touristique Stoneham for letting us build the course on their incredible terrain, to Prinoth Snow Groomers for providing the best snow park building vehicles, to Coastal Jibs for their perfect rails, and to Red Bull for providing the energy!

For a full recap on #TodaysCANVAS presented by The North Face, click here.

Media Partners: King Snow Snowboard Magazine & Forecast Ski Magazine

Music: Artist: Hoan / Song: Technocrats
Producer: Eric Lamothe
Filmer / Editor: Jérémie Boivin

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