In partnership with Smith Optics, we’re thrilled to release The Process—featuring Emily Childs, Tonje Kvivik & Janelle Yip, aka The Blondes—which offers a glimpse behind the curtain at the amount of time, energy and hard work that goes into filming for a ski movie in the backcountry. From early mornings, to copious amounts of preparation and equipment, and the long and exhausting days that at times ensue, The Blondes discuss why enjoying the process of what they do helps make the eventual outcome that much more worthwhile.

See more of The Blondes in their two-year film project produced by CK9 Studios and presented by The North Face this fall.

Featuring: Emily Childs, Tonje Kvivik, Janelle Yip
Presented by: Smith Optics
Produced by: Jeff Schmuck
Cinematography by: Maxwell Horner, Aaron Leyland, Clay Mitchell, Simon Shave, CK9 Studios
Edited by: Clayton Larsen
Special Thanks to: Andrew McMillin / Smith Optics, Clay Mitchell & Simon Shave / CK9 Studios, Jonathan Torres / The North Face

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