The Liberty Skis Team Lights Up The West Coast Session

The West Coast Session (WCS), held annually in May at Mount Hood, Oregon, is one of the most unique ski events in the world. Liberty Skis met up with two of their finest Canadian team riders, Teal Harle and Max Moffat, to make the trip down the coast from Vancouver. WCS is the last event of the year where the best park riders from around the globe gather. Everyone gets together and sessions one of the best spring parks for a week. There are no judges, no officials, just a good group of friends that love skiing. This is many park skiers' favourite event of the year, and our friends at Liberty were stoked to be a part of the very last West Coast Session. Enjoy this video recap of their time in the Pacific Northwest.

Featuring: Max Moffatt & Teal Harle
Location: Mt. Hood, Oregon
Editing : Ryan Braun
Cinematography: Ryan Braun & Carlo Mion

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