Skiing is not art, and skiers are not artists. Unless, of course, skiing is art and skiers are artists? Faction Skis’ fourth feature film in co-production with Red Bull Media House, Abstract: A Freeski Exhibition, exhibits pure creativity through a series of freeski sequences—from the vibrant streets of Japan, to the powdery pillows of British Columbia, to the finely-manicured terrain parks of Switzerland and Italy. Each location provides a blank canvas for the team’s artistic expression. Because nothing screams “artist” like sending large cliffs and grinding the side of buildings.

Starring: Alex Hall, Koga Hoshino, Antti Ollila, Mac Forehand, Vasu Sojitra, Micah Evangelista, Sophia Rouches, Brooklyn Bell, Mathilde Gremaud, Sarah Hoefflin, Margaux Hackett, Giulia Tanno, Tim McChesney, Duncan Adams, Blake Wilson, Elias Syrjä, Kadi Gomis, Tormod Frostad, Matěj Švancer, Štěpán Hudeček, Gianni Biello, Dan Hanka, Dylan Deschamps

A Production by Bluemax Media
Directed & Edited by: Etienne Mérel
Produced by: Hanne Davis & Tim Harty
Executive Produced by: Alex Hoye, Galen Knowles, Florian Moser
Script by: Paddy O’Connell
Colour by: Michael Putz
Supported by: Red Bull Media House, Spyder, CAST Touring, GoPro
Shot on Location: Japan, USA, Canada, Italy, Switzerland

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