Following their breakout performance at the World Ski & Snowboard Festival in Whistler, B.C. this past spring—during which they won third place and the People’s Choice Award at Intersection—The Dead Barbies have released Pink Duct Tape, an unplanned and raw look at their first season of sledding and filming, starring the all-female crew of Meg Cumming (who’s performance was nominated for Amateur Skier of the Year at the iF3 Festival), Rachael Anderson, Zoe Blewett, Sam Tuff, Mollie Jepsen, Crystal Legoffe and Cat Agnew. Enjoy!

Produced & Edited by: Sam Tuff
Filmed by: Marcus Honey, Elliott Dionne, Zack Murray, Colin Francis, Zak Mousseau, Teal Harle, Jake Strassman, Sam Tuff, Rusty Ockenden
Music by: Ghost on the Highway - Occult Witches; Badlands - Very Very; Infinite Void - Occult Witches; Aguila - Hugel

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