In the latest highly unique and visually stimulating film from The Bunch, one of the most eclectic and creative crews in the sport showcase a series of environmental imagery from Scandinavia, Russia, Switzerland the United States through the form of skiing. Take in the trailer below, and stay tuned for details on the release of the full film.

Direction & Editing by Gustav Cavallin, Jens Nillson

Filmed by Gustav Cavallin

Skiing by Magnus Granér, Lucas Stål Madison, Douglas Källsbo, Anttu Oikkonen, Alex Hackel, Pär Hägglund, Sakarias Majander, Cole Gibson, Foster Meeks, Abner F Wyman, Anders Fornelius, Ian King

Additional filming by Andreas Olofsson, Pär Hägglund, Dylan Siggers, Tobias Johansson

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