Step into the world of The Bunch.

Emerging from the ski scene in the early 2010s, The Bunch quickly transformed from a groundbreaking DIY film crew into a cultural movement that has taken the freeski industry by storm. Now, 10 years later, The Bunch has evolved into a full-scale media production company that still stays true to its roots in skiing.

They have gained a dedicated following with their unique films that showcase a style and artistic vision that's truly one-of-a-kind.

Their films not only feature skiing, but also music, art and fashion, creating an immersive experience that's both inspiring and unforgettable.

Tune in and experience The Nines from The Bunch’s perspective and witness the evolution of a cultural phenomenon.

This is The Bunch x Nines.

Riding by: Johanne Killi, Fridge, Alex Hackel, Peyben, Kai Mahler, Max Moffat, Finn Bilous, Magnus Granér, Edouard Therriault, Patrick Schubert, Lucas Mullaüer, Fabian Boesch, Kim Gubser, Kirsten Muir, Jaye Rawe, Megan Oldham, Olivia Asselin, Mathilda Gremaud, Birk Ruud
Directed by: Jens Nilsson
Principal Cinematography by: Andreas Olofsson & Pär Hägglund
Additional Cinematography by: Moritz Keller, Jannis Oining, Marinho Ramon Meyer, Colden Rand, Lukas Hauser, Lukas König, Lukas Tielke, Imanuel Thallinger, Simon Abele, Peter Kaiser, Jens Nilsson, Magnus Granér
Sound Design & Mix by: Phantom
Color Grading by: Jesper Guldbrand
Produced by: Tobias Sedlacek
Edited by: J Nilla

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