The Bunch Release Official Trailer for "Finito"

For our friends to the south, this weekend is all about giving thanks. So without further delay, we'd like to get festive and thank The Bunch for doing what they do. Drop in on the trailer for the latest from this group of Swedes, Finito.

From The Bunch on Vimeo:

From the dirty slums of Moscow to the rich landscapes of the Norwegian fjords. Insane stunts to be expected.


Magnus Granér
Tobias Sedlacek
Pär Hägglund
Lucas Stål Madison
Jens Nilsson
Maximilliam Smith
Sakarias Majander
Douglas Källsbo
Leo Björklund
Cole Gibson
Jeremie Veilleux
Erik Pousette
Liam Downey

Liam McKingley
Gustav Cavallin

Jens Nilsson

Art work
Sakarias Majander
Erik Pousette

Tall T

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