Longing for Áhkká, an award-winning documentary feature film from The Bunch, tells the compelling story of two blood-related Arctic expeditions, united in their quest to conquer the summit of Stortoppen, the highest peak of the Áhkká mountain massif within Stora Sjöfallet National Park, Sweden.

In 1921, Arthur Thelin fulfilled his lifelong dream by participating in the first recorded expedition to Áhkká and Stortoppen, chronicling his experiences in his journal, with key moments captured through the lens of legendary photographer Borg Mesch.

One century later, in 2021, professional freeskier Magnus Granér embarks on a journey to retrace his great-grandfather Arthur's steps, accompanied by his filmmaking friends, to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the original expedition.

Total Emission: 4.58 tonnes CO2e
The Bunch has made conscious choices to lower the carbon footprint of this production and balanced any remaining emissions by 200%.

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