Hello, thanks for tuning in.
The show's about to begin.

What you are about to see,
is The Big Picture's first ever movie.

After three years and sixteen web edits down,
we thought it was time to change things around.

We called up the dudes, and told them the news.
They put down their brews, and loaded the doos.

With two-stroke and pillows, big air and big crashes.
Literal close friends, two dudes on one mattress.

Join the Logans, Rainville, King, Adams and White,
on a powder filled party, assured to leave you in delight.

So turn up the volume, lets all have a cheer.
We are The Big Picture and this is Lite Years.

Rossignol presents The Big Picture | Lite Years
Featuring: Chris Logan, Parker White, Duncan Adams, Mike King & Tanner Rainville

Thanks to our supporting sponsors: Electric, Airhole, Tall T Productions, 686, Cheetah Factory Racing & Forecast Ski Magazine.

Shot + Edited: Sean Logan
Additional Angles: Chris Logan, Parker White, Jasper Newton, Duncan Adams & Mike King.
Locations: Mt. Baker Ski Resort WA, Mt. Baker Backcountry WA, Whistler Backcountry B.C., Whitewater Ski Resort B.C., Baldface Lodge B.C., Retallack Lodge B.C., Monashee Powder Snowcats B.C., Selkirk Heli Tangiers B.C., Revelstoke Backcountry B.C., Golden Backcountry B.C..
Music: "Ambient Colors" by Allegory Music | "Maintain" by Vilde, "Little Astray In Sun" by Cotton Jones | "Isaac Plays" by Ely | "Motion" by Hibou | "In & Out" by Moon King | "Hypno-Skate" by LNZNDRF | "Fireflies Made Out Of Dust" by Happy Jawbone Family Band.

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