"The Acres" Volume 1 Holds it Down For B.C.'s Interior

The Acres is the newest flavour in the Canadian ski scene. This first episode featuring a sampling of guys who hang their hats with the Inflik and The Burrrlapz crews is testament to that. 

According to Glenn Diehl, the man behind The Acres, this first episode was made possible due to the talent and efforts of Jordy Kidner, Cam Kaegi, Jake Teuton, Vincenz Keller, Dylan Siggers, Brody McSkimming, Jay Starnino, Tyler MacRea, Kurt Layton, Foster Kennedy, Luc St. Onge, Kaleb Weston, Ty Spooner, Wyatt Riegel, Jaeden Schneider-Clark, Zam Matchett, Cam Thompson, Josh Webb and Shep Howard.

Go and give The Acres a follow on Instagram. You're going to want to keep tabs on these guys. 

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