The Acres Crew Drop their Second Episode from the Heart of Revelstoke

Remember how great episode one from The Acres crew was? Yeah, it was great. Well, here's episode two from the dudes. Be sure to follow The Acres on Instagram

From The Acres on Vimeo

In the second instalment of the acres web series, the boys explore deeper into Revelstoke Backcountry.

Riders // @Tkmacrae, @Vinzenzkellair, @Jordykidner, @Jaketeuton, @Brodie_Evans2550, and @Wachstavision @afunctioningalcoholic

Filmed & Edited // Kaleb Weston
Additional footage // Ty Spooner
Location // Revelstoke, BC
Music // Dead leaves and the dirty ground by The White Stripes
Instagram // @the.acres
Facebook // The Acres

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