Sugar High is an experience of high energy after consuming a considerable amount of sugar in a short period of time, and the name of a short run-and-gun ski movie captured and produced in beautiful Revelstoke, B.C. by Cam Keith. The A6ENCY held onto these shots in order to make something that would last, that we could and actually would look back on. Often filmed with one camera, a GoPro, or whatever was available over the past two winters with no budget, and nothing but a passion for skiing and filmmaking.

This is their time capsule, their yearbook of some of the greatest times of their young lives in the mountains. The A6ENCY wasn’t born in the mountains, but is definitely thriving among them.

A Film by Cam Keith / The A6ENCY

Featuring: Cole Richardson, Francis Courtois, Jonathan Rollins, Cam Keith, Matt Crawford, Anders Liljedahl, Teal Harle, Dalton Waite, Yu Sasaki, Erik Mortveit, Matt Wilcox, Maxim Vidricaire, Gavin Kratz, Kelly Denisun, Noah Maisonet, Shey Townley

Additional Filming by: Matt Crawford, Maxim Vidricaire, Kurtis Gibson, Francis Courtois
Drone Work by: Oscar Basones
Time-Lapse Work by: Keenan Kovacs

Supported by: Liberty Skis, Orage, Joystick, Skookum Revelstoke, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Board Butter Glide Wax, Faction Skis, Infinite Powersports

Dedicated to: Jack "Sketti" Spettigue and Kenneth McAlpine

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