Sheltered from the open ocean and consistent swell of the west coast of Vancouver Island, the Georgia Strait on the eastern side of the island is mostly a calm and tranquil body of water. That all changes when the winter storms arrive. Along with intense precipitation comes severe winds ripping up the Strait, creating wind swell that catches rocky points all along the coast.

These harsh conditions create a scenario where one can find surf and snow on the same day, within a drive of mere minutes between each other, leading skiers and surfers to obsessively track weather forecasts, freezing levels and tide schedules, and when the stars align, pounce on the opportunity.

This is West Coast surf-to-ski at its best. Not overhead and glassy waves, and not neck-deep and blower pow, but minutes from home on a little island in the Pacific, and just perfect.

Presented by: Strafe Outerwear
Location: Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada
Filmed, Directed & Edited by: Jesse Bone / Filter Studios
Produced by: Joe Schwartz
Skiing by: Joe Schwartz
Surfing by: East Coast Surf Club & Cumberland Surf Club

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