It’s no secret for powder hounds that Hokkaido is a dream destination. Every January and February, countless images and videos from the powdery regions of Japan fill social media and magazines alike. These images never lose impact, due to the undeniable appeal of the world’s deepest snow in distinctly Japanese settings.

Snow Locals has been creating jealousy-inducing content for Japanese ski resorts over seven seasons spent exploring Japan on their own and with guests. Recently, brothers and founders of Snow Locals, Jake and Charlie Cohn, have produced a collection of films from the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.

To those beyond the core, Japan remains a fledgling destination that holds many secrets and the promise of unique “untracked” winter travel. Hokkaido boasts both the most consistent snow and the internationally recognized destination of Niseko. However, the goal of Snow Locals has always been to highlight the smaller resorts and the undiscovered places. The soulful spots that a local might share with you.

Last February, the Tourism Office of Hokkaido asked Snow Locals to make a video highlighting some of their favourite, lesser-known parts of the island. Over a weeklong journey through Hokkaido filled with food, culture, secret onsens and lots of face-deep untracked powder turns, Jake and Charlie show Hokkaido through their eyes and highlight how much more there is left to discover on the diverse island.

Enjoy the above video, which the Cohn brothers hope is a welcome departure from the standard content coming out of Japan. And if you’re looking to feel like a Hokkaido local, be sure to check out along with following them on social at @snowlocals to see all the trips they offer.

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