Skiing the Trans-Siberian Railway With Pettit, Martini and Backstrom

Sherpas Cinema may not have a full-length movie offering for you to dig into this year, but they have The Great Siberian Traverse, a film featuring Ingrid Backstrom, Callum Pettit, Nick Martini and some of the most remote communities and mountains in Mother Russia. If that weren't enough, its Wes Anderson vibes and catchy soundtrack take the already exciting trailer to the next level. But here's the best part: The Great Siberian Traverse is already available on Vimeo on Demand.
Enjoy. It's not often that projects of this scale, execution and intrigue come around.

From The North Face on YouTube

The Great Siberian Traverse documents a 6,000-mile ski journey through Russia, along the Trans-Siberian Railway. The documentary—created in collaboration with POWDER and Sherpas Cinema—showcases a fringe backcountry skiing community, deep Siberian powder, and skiing’s ancient origins. Team skiers Ingrid Backstrom, Callum Pettit, and Nick Martini share their insights along the adventure. 

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