It's home to some of the most sought-after powder on the planet. And a mighty river runs through it. The Columbia, fed by thousands of high peaks in south-central British Columbia, lights the homes of millions with its massive hydroelectric dams. But even though the waterway has seen over a century of development, it still retains a certain majesty, one best reflected by the people raised along its banks.

Follow two of the world’s best big mountain skiers, Christina Lustenberger and Dane Tudor as they travel the Columbia River from the Canadian border north to its source waters, moving through deep snows, legendary ranges, and a history that has tied its people to the land. Part ski adventure, part historical journey, part sensory feast, Children of the Columbia: A Skier’s Odyssey, a new film from Sherpas Cinema, is an artful, honest look at a region that has played a massive role in the Pacific Northwest as a whole, and the commercial backcountry ski industry worldwide.

Full feature drops November 6, 2018. Stay tuned to Sherpas Cinema channels.

Presented by CMH Heli Skiing
In Association with Smartwool & Scott Sports
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Produced by Sherpas Cinema Music

Written and Performed by Ryan Lee West
Published by Erased Tapes Music Ltd.

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