Strange Adventures chronicles the lives of Seeking Nirvana’s four characters: Mike Henitiuk, Riley Leboe, Matt Margetts and Joe Schuster. Highlighting the groups background and each individual's history, we learn how and why Seeking Nirvana was formed.

Revisiting some of the series' most memorable moments, we soon find our group preparing for their mostly grand endeavour yet. Landing in the remote and breathtaking maze of fjords in Northwest Norway, our seekers set off on their most ambitious journey. Standing on the weathered deck of a 100-year-old ship, Seeking Nirvana scales massive couloirs, challenging lines and new experiences in an otherworldly location.

Filmed in Northwest Norway

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Mike Henitiuk / @mikeheni
Joe Schuster / @joe_schuster
Matt Margetts / @mattmargetts
Riley Leboe / @rileyleboe

Supported By:
EDGEtv - @edgetvnetwork
Norrøna - @norrona
Tyrolia - @tyroliabindings
Fjord Norway
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Produced By:
Edge TV
August Winter
Seeking Nirvana

Editing, Sound and Colour:
Leigh Powis
Scrap Creative

Additional Editing:
Geoff Hewat
Zac Hoffman
South Chair Media
Riley Leboe

Sound & Mastering:
Tim Saylor

Bryan Ralph

Taylor Loughran
Jamie Tanner

Aerial Cinematography:
Jamie Tanner
Dylan Ross
Christian Rajec

Colby James West

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