Old friends on a new adventure, exploring the unknown, the wild blue yonder.

This may look like any old tent, though it’s much more than that, for what it's keeping out of the elements, safe from weather, is the experiences and memories created by this bunch inside. The canvas may be thin but the stories held inside are as thick as blood.

In what may be the final installment of the Seeking Nirvana series, Canvas Oasis follows four friends as they embark on a new journey of discovery, camaraderie, challenge, and triumph, from the comforts of their makeshift wall tent nestled high in the Coast Mountains.

Skiing by: Mike Henitiuk, Riley Leboe, Matt Margetts, Josh Bibby
Presented by: Head, Backcountry Access, Hilx, Helinox
Directed by: Mike Henitiuk, Riley Leboe
Produced by: Riley Leboe, Mike Henitiuk
Principal Cinematography by: Taylor Loughran, High Camp Collective
Aerial Cinematography by: Anatole Tuzlak
Additional Cinematography by: Cam Sylvester, Rob Massie
Post Production by: Riley Leboe, Mike Henitiuk
Artwork by: Aga Iwanicka
Music by: Artlist

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