Sammy Carlson and CK9 Studios’ new project, Over Time, which won Best Short Video and Best Cinematography at this past weekend's iF3 Festival, is a reminder to make your hours count.

There are a lot of unknowns in creating a high-caliber ski film. You need a vision. You need storms to deliver snow. You need the weather to work in your favor. You need to consistently be at the top of your game. You need a good crew. You need good terrain. And more than anything, you need time for all of these things to align.

Filmed purely in the heart of the backcountry, Over Time has it all: Powder, pillows, lines, backcountry booters, and incredible follow-cams. It’s beautifully filmed and, of course, the skiing speaks for itself.

We hope it inspires you to use your time wisely. It's always snowing somewhere.

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