The elements air, fire, water, and earth exemplify aspects of nature, and represent facets of the human experiences of inspiration, creation, reflection and grounding. These components can be a guide to our experiences of life, and are deeply connected to skiing and mountain biking.

Elemental, a new film directed and produced by Sage Cattabriga-Alosa as his first solo project of this scale, is presented by Atomic and The North Face, and supported by Giant Bicycles and Smith.

Skiing by: Lucas Wachs, Mitchell Brower, Nicky Keefer Jonah Williams

Biking by: Adam Craig, Eliot Jackson, Kyle Jameson, Carson Storch, Reed Boggs, Dusty Wygle

Principal Cinematography by: Jonathon Chandler

Additional Cinematography by: Metis Creative, John Reynolds, Cameron Baird, John Asuncion, Teton Gravity Research (Matt Herriger, Ben Dann, Dutch Simpson, Tim Manning), Jacob Callaghan, Pete Alport, Tim Durtschi, Dane Tudor, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Jasper Newton

Still Photography by: Jonathon Chandler, Cameron Baird, Chris Bezmat, Jules Jimreivat

Trail Building by: Bros & Hoes Landscaping, Henry Lanman, Oregon Dirt Park - Black Sage

Graphic Design by: Maja Keefer

Colouring by: Bryan Ralph

Creative Consulting by: Annie Cattabriga-Alosa


“Three Portraits” - Yppah
From the album Eighty One
Courtesy of Ninja Tune

“Chifundo” - The W.I.T.C.H.
From the album Lazy Bones
Courtesy of Now Again Records

“Roses Thorn” - TOKiMONSTA
From the album Lune Rouge
Courtesy of Young Art Records

“Assawt” - Tinariwen
From the album Elwan
Courtesy of ANTI-

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