Last winter, while filming in the Revelstoke backcountry with Chris Rubens and Noah Morrison, the latter was caught in a class two avalanche. In the end, thanks to a combination of knowledge, experience, training, practice and certainly some good luck, Morrison was unscathed, and most importantly survived.

As a result of what transpired, its positive outcome, and what we all took away from it, in conjunction with Avalanche Canada, Rubens and Morrison, we’re humbled to respectfully present an educational and awareness-based look at what happened that day, in the hope that others may learn from it as well.

Now that this winter has arrived, we’re all excited to ski in the backcountry, but remember that avalanches can happen to anyone, at anytime, so please know before you go, and that training saves lives. Purchase the proper equipment, and learn how to use it by finding a course under the learn tab at

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