As part of Red Mountain Resort's "Fight The Man. Own The Mountain" crowfunding campaign (which you can read all about, and invest in, by clicking here), Tier 2 Owners ($3,500 and up) get to choose between a pair of custom-designed limited edition Lib Tech Snowboards or Blizzard Skis.

To help see these skis and snowboards come to fruition, Red had the pleasure working with two incredible artists who are passionate about the campaign and what it means to them through their craft. These artists put in countless hours of work to create beautiful pieces of art, and needless to say, say the final outcome is worth getting pretty pumped up about.

For the skis, Red and Blizzard selected Ryan Schmies, who is currently living in Seattle and has designed some of the most memorable graphics in skiing (primarily for K2) over the past 15 years. He first visited Red in 2007 and fell in love with the community and the mountain that he discovered. Passionate about his work and what Red and its campaign represents, Schmies couldn't have been more excited to take on this project, as he conveys in the video below.

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