Quebec Quest

The Chic-Choc Mountains of Quebec get a ton of snow each season, and Ben Leoni has long been planning a trip to the region. He finally got his chance and brought Louise Lintilhac, Paige Fitzgerald, and Nick Martin on the 10 day quest. In this first episode of the trip, the group explores some classic lines and chutes with huge run outs all the way down to the road.

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Sofa Surfers - "See the Light"
Juna - "The Mary Onets"
Blue States - "Red and Shine"

About "Working For The Weekend"
Now in it's 3rd season, "Working For the Weekend" follows longtime Meathead Films veteran, Ben Leoni. Ben continues to live in Portland, Maine, and holds down a career as an attorney. He dreams of his weekends skiing in the mountains in between piles of paperwork. The 2015 & 2016 seasons kept him plenty busy with his job but he still managed to find time to get outside and explore.

Showcasing legendary backcountry zones as well as hidden gems around Maine, New Hampshire and Quebec "Working For The Weekend" continues it's groundbreaking tradition of showing the best skiing the Northeast hast to offer, without the aid of chairlifts. From deep powder to treacherous ice, Ben and his crew of friends embody the "earn your turns" mantra for the East Coast.

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Flylow Presents: Working for the Weekend
A Ski The East Web Series

Featuring Ben Leoni
Additional Shredding In This Episode: Louise Lintilhac and Nick Martin
Filmed On Location: Chic-Choc Mountains, Quebec
Cinematography in This Episode: Lincoln Benedict, Adam Mikaelian and Dana Allen
Edited by: Cam Willis

Proudly Supported By:
Baxter Brewing
Gear X
Liberty Skis
Smith Optics

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