The latest episode of Orage's Faces + Places documents Mason Mashon and Rory "Bushy" Bushfield—the PB&J of British Columbia's Coast Range. They always go together, and when they do, it just works. The bromance that Mashon and Bushfield have cultivated is one of shared curiosity. The two of them are insatiable for new adventures, and with a slew of tools at their disposal—including Bushy’s glacier landing-equipped Cessna airplane—they travel from Pemberton to Squamish to Tofino and back the way most people go to Creekside. The now-internet famous teepee that Mashon built in Squamish's backyard is a good example of their collective creative power. Mashon applied the same tireless attention to detail he uses in his photography to building the teepee. Bushy helped him find a location, and the rest will go down in mountain culture history as one of the most bad-ass backcountry cabins ever. Plus, it moves.

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