Not so Local Releases Their Final Film, "Badlands"

Not so Local returns with its last film: "Badlands". Hang on as you're taken you on an inspiring visual journey through the streets and skiing's urban scene. The crew looks back at the their best moments, from their win at the 2015 iF3 awards to the unforgettable friendships they've formed across the world, along with a series of amazing urban-only segments. Enjoy!

Directed by
Louis Charles Pilon

Cinematography by
Louis Charles Pilon
Paul Dussault
Nicolas Robert

Additional Cinematography by
Skurfs Production
Philippe Emond
Guillaume Boulay
Raphaël Desharnais
Tommy Leahey
Jay Nadeau
LP Sansfacon

Skiing by
Nicky Hartmann
Frédérik Pratte
Chris Bolduc
Phil Langevin
Samuel Gagnon
Jérémy Quirion
Jeremy Pancras
Ole Pavel
Maxwell Moffatt
Philippe Gaucher

Appearances by
Hugo Perron
Lucas Vianna
Francis Courtois
Morgan Pompilio
Gavin Hawk Kratz
Marlon Zülch
Doug Bishop

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