Not So Local Drops "Dead End"

After excitedly taking home the award for Best Editing in the Amateur category (along with a nomination for AM Film of the Year) at this year's International Freeski Film Festival, the no-bullshit Not so Local crew has released their latest offering, Dead End. Give the below a read for more on this fun-filled and feature-length length film, and then get stoked for winter by given 'er a watch.

From Not So Local on Vimeo:

The whole local Quebec crew put their hearts, souls and even a few ACL's on the line in order to create what we though would be an original production with a creative approach to the sport of skiing. By recreating different atmospheres lived by the riders during the season, not only did we want to offer a different point of view about skiing to the young skiers, we really wanted to broadcast through editing, a very important message to the younger generation by telling the story of regular skiers. A story about hard work, patience, exploration, creativity and passion. Values that we think are incredibly important to put emphasis on, especially at a turning point in the image of the sport.

Directed by
Louis Charles Pilon

Soundtrack by
Samuel Gosselin
Mathieu Langevin
Gavin Kratz

Cinematography by
LC Pilon
Phil Emond
Nicolas Robert
Tommy Leahey
Blake Breton
JF Lefebvre
Alain Villeneuve
Marlon Zulch
Lorenzo Mossi
Laurent Bilodeau

Corey Vanular, Joey van der Meer, Monty Wright, Chris German, Kris Thompson, Axel Runner, Ole Pavel, Lucas Vianna, Nick Hartmann, Jeremy Quirion, Fred Pratte, Alain Villeneuve, Dom Giroux, Hugo Perron, Louis Charles Pilon, Françis Courtois, Mathieu Langevin, Morgan Pompilio, Gavin Kratz

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