In pursuit of the endless journey to find solitude and challenging lines in the mountains, Josh Daiek finds himself smack dab in the middle of nowhere Nevada for his not-to-be-missed video project, Mountain State.

Summiting 13,000-foot peaks, flashing steep couloirs and bagging first descents were all part of the allure, but it certainly doesn't come easy for Daiek & Co. Sketchy avalanche conditions, near-death crashes, unpredictable weather and season-ending injuries are just a few of the hurdles the crew faces while exploring the most mountainous state in the Lower 48.

Featuring: Josh Daiek, Trevor Semmons, Mike Cullen, Connery Lundin
Presented by: Salomon
Produced by: Josh Daiek & Hazen Woolson
Cinematography by: Hazen Woolson, Josh Daiek, Canyon Florey, Mike Cullen
Editing & Post Production by: Jeff Thomas

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