Secondary Succession: A sequence of change initiated by a moderate disturbance that removes or kills most above-ground biomass but leaves some organic matter and plant parts. Injury, rehabilitation, and redemption are all parts of skiing. Our lives often mimic the ecosystems we live in; we must grow and adapt in the face of change.

Skiing by: Morgan Tien

Cinematography by: Connor Smith, Dylan Runner, Henry Eckart, Eli Bucher, Cobo Alvarez De Toledo, Mae Biedermann, Tyndall Wells

Edited by: Morgan Tien

Music by: “HEADY” - Reaper

Title Design by: Leo Jedynak

Cover by: Sydney Beckett

Locations: Traditional, ancestral land of the St’at’imc (Lil’wat) Nation, Koma Kulshan

Special Thanks to: Michael Waesche, Noah Howell, Kirill Kokorin, Sydney Beckett, Alex Ropka, Whistler Ski Patrol, CSM Whistler, Mt. Baker Ski Area, Mom & Dad, You

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