It's time for a trip down memory lane with Momentum Ski Camps, which ended their summer of fun on the Horstman Glacier in Whistler with a bang.

The snow conditions were prime, giving coaches and campers the perfect chance to send it. With the help of Altus Mountain Guides, freeski legends Riley Leboe and Austin Ross took the All Mountain campers to explore the surrounding ski options and learn avalanche safety.

Meanwhile, park coaches Tom Wallisch, Rob Heule, Matt Margetts, Sandy Boville, Phil Casabon, Jake Carney, Max Morello and Noah Morrison kept the campers charging on jumps and rails.

The bumps line also provided perfect slushy conditions and the mogul mob took full advantage, with the forgiving conditions letting everyone in attendance dial up the speed and push their skiing to the next level.

Big thanks to Momentum for all the good times in Whistler, and get stoked for next summer!

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