It’s never quite as easy as it looks in the movies. Even the best professional skiers regularly put their bodies through trials and tribulations in search of that elusive moment when it all comes together—the perfect light with the perfect snow, fingers finding the grab, edges locking onto a rail or ledge, speed perfectly dialed, and balanced feet finding their way to the ground as they prepare for landing.

For every magical shot in your favorite film, edit, or photo, dozens or more hit the cutting room floor. In reality its a waiting game of hours, days, or weeks for light. The snow is harder than it looks. Grabs are often missed. Edges fail. Speed is off—too fast, too slow. That perfect balance point eludes even the most talented as they plummet to the ground below. Didn’t get the shot? No matter—pick up your gear and hike back up for another try. Or a few more. As many as it takes to get the shot or until you can break the habit.

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